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Samhällsvetarkåren does Tandem

Uppdaterat: 9 maj 2019

Life's a beach; exams, stress... but we've got your back!

On the 10th of May we'll pack our beach umbrellas and sunblock and set sail to Gothenburg to take part in Tandem 2019. Our fin-tastic tandem team will then race back to Lund, just in time for an amazing celebration. Water you waiting for? Cycle, compete and party with Samhällsvetarkåren. You will not regret it!

What is Tandem? Every year a big tandem bike race is arranged from Gothenburg to Lund, and all nations and student unions are invited to take part in search of glory- or just a good time!

How long does it take? Tandem starts the 10th May at noon when we start our road trip to Gothenburg! Then that evening the big race begins, and our teams cycle all through the night. There are food stops, a midnight disco, and a lot of exciting games throughout the trip, until it all ends in a big party in Lundagård Saturday evening

How hard is it to be a rider in Tandem? If you're worried you have to be a champion cyclist do not worry. The route from Gothenburg to Lund is split in to 20 sections, so you only cycle a short time (around 2 miles) before you return to the party bus as a hero! And you cycle in pairs, so its much easier than cycling alone.

Do you have to cycle? No! There are options for whatever floats your boat. There will be tickets for riders and for supporters- so whether you like to cheer from the sidelines or be the MVP there is a role for you.

What is our theme? Haven't you guessed from our endless puns? Samhällsvetarkåren is taking our team on an amazing beach party!

Last boat not least- what about tickets? We can now reveal that tickets for SamTandem 2019 will be 850kr! For that you get: *The best 30 hour journey of your life *Snacks, breakfast and lunch on Saturday *An amazing costume in our theme *A chance to ride the tandem *Access to all the amazing parties en-route (including the disco) *An awesome kick-off! Tickets will be sold at Samvetet from 9am 15th April. They usually sell out quick so get there early and be ready to queue.

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